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Welcome to picbreaker.de

The focus on concerts

Hi and thanks for visiting this site!

PICBREAKER is primarily concerned with Concerts and Festivals of Heavy Metal Music. 

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Second focus of  PICBREAKER is all about I found and may find interest in.


So welcome and enjoy the world of PICBREAKER!



Don't expect a full biography, here are just a few facts
I consider as necessary enough for you to know:

  • female (and how!)
  • blue eyes
  • loves to travel
  • more or less crazy - depends on your definition of crazy
  • Music, Gigs and Fotos are my elixir and are what keeps me going

             You want me at  your show or a photosession?
                    Great! Then just feel free to contact me

                        mail to:   Y_Na@picbreaker.de

                                 and we'll arrange it!


My Gear:
At current
Canon 5D Mark II and my beloved Canon 400D
- Canon 1,8 50 mm
- Canon 2,8 24-70 mm
- Canon 2,8 70-200 mm
- Tamron 3,5 28-300 mm
- Speedlite EX 420

'nuff said for now!


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